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Marriage Dissolution Grounds
Proceeding with a divorce is frustrating owing to the complicated procedures. Thus, taking any decision minus the assistance of a Fairfax lawyer can result in irreversible errors. Whether your Fairfax divorce complaint pertains to adultery or cruelty, regulations requires proving the alleged grounds with substantial evidence. The assistance of a competent lawyer plays a vital role in determining your success. A Fairfax VA divorce lawyer will allow you to analyze whether your case has facts that support the filing of a divorce.
Nowadays with the increased usage of sophisticated technology and quick access to communication, adultery has become a common ground for divorce in Fairfax VA. Similarly, the Fairfax courts have seen a sudden increase in cases involving domestic violence, say VA lawyers. During such situations, clients seek assistance from an experienced Fairfax lawyer to defend adultery and cruelty allegations. In such instances, your adept attorney in VA will respond by specifically denying the claims.

Requirement Of Proof For Adultery
Your Lawyer will explain that adultery is thought to have occurred where one spouse comes with an intimate relationship that includes actual sexual intercourse with someone else to whom he/she is not married. Such a complaint for marriage termination filed in Fairfax can be dismissed for insufficient proof if the alleging party is only making allegations without proof. A complaint for divorce predicated on adultery can be successful only when it is prepared by a skilled lawyer who has gathered thorough knowledge of the existing law and the recent updates. divorce attorneys fairfax va for marriage termination prepared predicated on fabricated allegations could be effectively countered by your experienced attorney in VA by strongly denying all allegations and requesting corroborating evidence from the opposing lawyer.
You will be surprised to know from the Fairfax attorney that the law explicitly states that adultery grounds cannot be a valid basis for VA divorce if it is not supported by relevant evidence. The VA lawyer will emphasize that simply suspicion concerning the spouse?s activities cannot be a valid ground. The Fairfax VA divorce courts are very clear in this aspect. Know from an attorney, that the court dismisses cases where one spouse is framing adultery grounds with fabricated evidence with the motive of harassing the other spouse. In some divorce cases, Fairfax VA courts have handled cases where one spouse tries to prove adultery allegations so as to evade spousal support.

Requirement Of Proof For Cruelty
In cases involving domestic violence, the most common ground is cruelty, say VA lawyers. The Fairfax VA lawyer always makes a thorough analysis of the case and valuable suggestions on whether a divorce based on cruelty can result in a favorable order. Similarly, if your partner has filed a divorce complaint against you predicated on cruelty, you should provide all facts to the attorney in Fairfax VA so that the best defense strategy can be devised. An adept lawyer always expects frank disclosures. Apart from adultery and cruelty, other common grounds for a Fairfax divorce are desertion, separation. A Fairfax VA divorce based on separation is similar to a mutually agreed divorce. In these circumstances, take guidance from a VA lawyer about issues like a separation agreement.