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The purpose of this site is to make users aware of the nature of the agreements that they have little time to read. User agreements and contracts for similar services often have similar provisions that can be named and identified in an abbreviated manner to save time. Other times the contracts will have their own provisions and terminology that is not known the viewer. This page functions as a glossary to the website.

Site specific and other slang terms

The following are site specific terms that have been created to shorten explanations of material that is common across all contracts. Any time the word is referenced in video or format it should link to it's location on this page.


Within a contract, they will spend time defining every term. They do this because if anything is ever considered ambiguous, the court automatically decides against the person who wrote the contract. This is usually several paragraphs. Unless you're a lawyer looking to make things difficult, the definitions are pretty obvious.


Term used to indicate unanticipated ability to profit from a product or service. Term created to indicate whether service is friendly to this action. For example, in video games there are people that engage in actions called farming. Most video game publishers frown on this.


Term used in place of patent infringement, copyright infringement, or illegal use of content. Any use of content or intellectual property that is not authorized by the creator whether or not the user profits from it. This is not the same as parody.


Any actions that are harmful to a website, service, or product. While it is already understood that one should not engage in these actions, businesses will overlook these acts as part of business. Other times they may impose fines or other penalties on specific behaviors. Shenanigans is a broad term to cover all behaviors that may be later listed out in the contract. E.g.: trolling, soliciting, ripping, profiteering, cheating.


Actions taken to enrage other users or individuals for the express purpose of enjoying their anger and irritation

Formal legalese terms

Class action

Is a legal action when a group of people band together with a similar complaint to sue a single person or company. This can defray costs of witness, legal representation, and create a single ruling that applies to everyone. Some contracts forbid class action lawsuits.

Private arbitration

The reason this site was created. An agreement that requires you to go before an independent arbiter instead of a judge or jury in a US court of law. Arbiters are independent and normal rules regarding evidentiary proceedings are not applicable. Read further at Private Arbitration


The act of engaging users or persons available in an area to sell one's own products or services.