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Individual Contracts
Terms of Service Governs overall use of site
Datapolicy Governs user data
Community Standards Governs user interaction
Payment Terms Governs payment terms
Platform Terms Governs rules for Apps by developers
Advertising Policies Governs content of ads
Self-Serve Ad Terms Governs purchasing advertisements
Pages Terms Governs Pages users

This contract is the foundation of Facebooks interaction with its users. Signing up and using their products indicates default agreement and consent. Facebook copy of contract can be found here.


Summary of Terms

1. Privacy

Facebook has all the data that you give it. Going through the data policy: They will sell non-identifying information to third parties to generate revenue to stay in business and allow you to use their service. There exists third party apps that will be able to access identifying information and our subject to their own rules. Those rules are not covered here.

2. Sharing your content

You can control access to your profile through settings on Facebook however Facebook can use any content you post without payment or asking permission. If you make something public, it is searchable by everyone in the world and visible outside of Facebook, i.e. boss, law enforcement, CIA, grandma, mafia figures. Use of content ends when you delete it but it may remain in backups before it cycles out. Items that are shared with friends may stay accessible as well. Third Party applications may not delete at all. Be even more careful with them then you are with Facebook. Any suggestions made to Facebook about improving their services may be used without reward to you.

3. Safety

Facebook asks you not engage in shenanigans. These include spamming, using bots or automation to collect the information like Facebook does, illegal acts, viruses or destructive codes. You are not allowed to troll. Facebook does not allow graphic images, pornography, or hate speech. Accounts can be disabled if you do.

4. Registration and Account security

Facebook requires you to use your real identity without false information as well as accurate recent contact info. You are not allowed to use your personal timeline for commercial gain. There is a specific Facebook service for that. You are not allowed to create accounts for others without permission. Minors under 13 and sex offenders are not allowed an account. You are not allowed multiple accounts or to create a new account without permission from Facebook if they delete your old account. Don't share passwords and don't attempt to use trademarked names.

5. Protecting others rights.

Facebook asks that you don't harm others or take their content to post on Facebook. If you post others content they can petition to take it down. If you believe it is yours Facebook will provide a counter petition. Repeated problems will result in disabled accounts. Do not publish secret confidential information of others.

6. Mobile

Facebook offers users mobile text services. They are not responsible of carriers fees

7 Payments

If you used Facebook payments you are automatically agreeing to those terms.

8. Platform policy Developers using their programs on Facebook must be in agreement with additional terms

9. Advertisements Your information, name, and picture will be used by facebook for revenue. You will be given product advertisements that are not always labeled as such. Facebook will only give your information to companies you agree to.

10. To advertisers Extra terms for users that use advertisment functions. You agree to have advertisements that fit content guidelines.

11. Special Provisions Applicable to Pages If you create a Page on facebook or run a special promotion or offer from Pages there are additional terms.

12. Special Provisions Applicable to Software Don't rip off Facebook software. Programs you download from Facebook may auto-update.

13. Amendments If they change the terms they will provide notice to you and post it on the site governance page. Continued use of service signals agreement

14. Termination Exposing Facebook to legal risk or violating the terms will allow facebook to delete your account.

15. Disputes Laws of California govern the contract. If you want to sue it will happen in the courts of Northern District of California or a state court located in San Mateo County. If someone sues facebook and you for your content facebook will not be held liable by you. They are not responsible for what people post. Facebook is as is and will not always be bug free or come with a warranty. They are not responsible for claims of damages arising from third parties. There is also a release from a California law provision.

16. Users outside the US You consent to data being processed in the US. If you are in a country embargoed by the US you may not use Facebook for commercial transactions.

17. Definitions See glossary.

18. Other Miscellaneous Legalese.