My gay seduction

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I was in his apartment. Having been older than me by the few decades and I suspected he was from least bi-sexual but he was a good guy and it was just to be able to watch the game on his big-screen, thus no big deal.

Had a few ales as well as the game ended.

"Feel like seeing a messy movie? inches

"OK, sure. "

I had been pretty comfortable but I'd only watched a porno to guys as soon as, with a stag gathering when there lots of others presently there. The conversation after that was bravado and even bluster. This could be diverse.

More diverse from My partner and i realized when the film turned out to be able to be all-male.

"Do you mind? very well

"It's not exactly what I usually watch"

"Did you ever watch gay adult porn? "

"No, in no way. "

"But, do you mind? "

"I guess not, if you like it. "

Using the talking about sex even as we watched.

"So did you at any time whatever it takes with another guy? "

"Nope.... number.. nothing. very well

"Don't believe you"

".... a friend of my buddy jerked me off once"

"how old had been you? inches


"and him?

"I dunno... 25? inches

"Did you prefer it? "

"I guess so, I prefer when chicks do it. "

"did one does your pet too? inch

"Yes, a bit. Mainly, he rubbed up against me. "

"did you both cum? inches

"yes, they were jerking me personally off from behind. Rubbing his cock against my butt. When I came up he shot almost all over my bum. "

"Did an individual like it? "

"I liked cumming and when he came it was exciting. "

"You liked feeling your pet rub against a person? "

"Yes. inches

"And that's it? nothing else? "


"I gamble you think in relation to it"

"Yeah, occasionally, but I prefer girls"

"so you never desired to do this again? inch

"Not really"

"why not? "

"I'm not really gay"

"That's FINE, it doesn't cause you to be gay, it's just getting off, perfect? inches

"I suppose"

He reached over and his side was in the calf, stroking my thigh.

"I could easily get a person off if likely to let me... inch

"Really? "

"Yeah, while you watch the movie. "

"Um, I don't realize... "

"You no longer have to do anything personally when you don't need to. "

"OK, I guess. inch

He reached over to me and undid my jeans.

We stood and he or she slid them decrease over my thighs, along with my undergarments. We were holding around our ankles.

"No curly hair down there. inches

"No the woman Now i'm dating likes this that way. "

"I do too. Kick those outfits off, so a person can be comfy. Don't worry. Is actually all cool. inches

I did as I was told and then sat back on his chair. Watched the television.

"Relax. I'm just heading to make you feel good. "

I felt his hand back upon my legs. Down and up, closer to my personal cock, but not necessarily touching. Felt my cock hardening along with his teasing.

Viewed down to observe him stroking the thigh and massaging himself through his clothes with their other hand.

"Take your shirt away from. "

I do. I was sitting inside of the nude observing a movie in which two men have been taking turns banging a youth.

The hand stroked up and down the length involving my thigh. Bullying. Teasing. My difficult cock throbbing. Requiring. Wanting to turn out to be touched.

"You like me touching you. "

I didn't want to admit it. Explained nothing.

"Don't worry. Relax. Enjoy that. "

I said nothing, just let your pet stroke my lower-leg.

"Admit it. You like this. inches

Still no words and phrases... instead, I relocated down on the particular seat cushion in addition to opened my lower limbs wider. Inviting him or her to touch myself more intimately.

His hand reached lower and cupped the smooth balls. Caressing the tight, easy skin.

"I would like to touch you all over. "

I wished him to. I wanted feeling his strong on the job my body. It had been very erotic.


"Come with me"

He stood back up and beckoned me personally to do the identical. I stood experiencing him inside my nakedness. Hard cock directing at him. Seeking up into the eyes.

"Don't worry, come on. inch

He took our hand. Led us to his master bedroom.

He lay a big towel on the bed.

"Just lie back on my bed and relax. "

I complied.

"I'm going to be able to get naked as well, OK? inch

"Yes. "

Watched him as he stripped. Saw the camping tent in his battres. Watched his bum as he bent to remove them. Saw his erect male organ as he straightened out up....

"I'll give you a nice massage. inch

"Just a rub though"

"Well let's take a see how that goes. "

"Just a massage. inch

"What about a new happy ending? inches

"I can't say for sure just what that means. inch

"Maybe I'll teach you. "

He was standing beside the bed with massage essential oil.

Bent down plus dripped oil about my naked body.

Dripped oil about my chest in addition to belly and started rubbing it in. Strong hands rubbing my flesh.

Bullying my nipples.

Upon my legs, caressing from ankles for the tops of my personal thighs.

His erect cock occasionally holding me briefly when he bent over me personally. His hands falling up my lower limbs occasionally making connection with my balls. To my stomach... floating away down to typically the bald pubic place. Leaving me hoping for his romantic touch. Finally, lastly.... touching my penis.


"Do you like me holding you? inch

"Yes. "

"Do an individual want to feel me? "


He laid lower on top of me.

The oil on my pores and skin allowing him to be able to slide himself down and up my torso. His hard cock scrubbing against mine.

Inclined down.


"Do you like it? inch


My hands reached way up and went to his shoulders. Having him to personally as he relocated above me.

Humping against me.

Dick on cock.

Chest against pecs.

Smooth. Belly on stomach. Sliding.

Cock against cock. Rubbing me personally. Humping me.

"Spread your legs. inches

I opened our thighs and this individual slipped between them.

His cock scrubbing against my clean slippery balls plus shaft.

Humping his / her cock against us. My practical their shoulders snaked about his neck. Trying to keep us tightly jointly.

He whispered once more.

"Turn over. "

He could perception my reluctance.

"Don't worry. Relax. Let me give you enjoyment. inches

I converted over.

He straddled my legs. Drizzled more oil about my back. Since he leaned toward massage it straight into my skin I could feel his difficult cock resting against my ass.

Scrubbing his hands along my back.

I got tense from the particular situation. His arms were relaxing me personally.

The feeling of his / her cock riding back up and down along the crack of our ass was fascinating.

He lowered him self and his complete chest and knees were in get in touch with with my back and bottom. Rubbing themselves against me.

I could feel his cock pushed harder in opposition to my crack. He was using the interiors of my cheeks to give himself pleasure.

The feeling of his body and magicstick rubbing my bum was making us more aroused.

"I'm going to massage gay porn movie studios "

"mmm OK"

He sat up, still straddling my legs. His hands went to be able to the cheeks associated with my ass plus kneaded the muscles. Thus exciting. So personal. I wanted really his touch. Lifted huge cock gay tube an ".

Felt his thumb slip between the cheeks as they massaged me. Way up and down typically the crack. Tickling our anus as his / her thumbs slid past.

Up and straight down. Tickling, Teasing.

It made me want to feel him pressing me there.

I actually lifted my rear end again. I attempted to time it with the moment that the thumb-tip passed over my asshole.

Supplying him an information.

His hand halted where I desired it.

Pressed against my opening. Restricted, but willing. Looking to feel him or her press into it.

He moved about. Teasing.

"You prefer that? "

"It feel nice. inches

"Against your tiny asshole? "

"Yes. "

"Do you want to feel my ring finger there? "

Not any reply. Ashamed that he was making me want a man to be able to penetrate me.

"You have to notify me. inch

"You know the answer. "

"But you have to say. "

"I want you in order to touch me there. inch

"Where? "

"On my ass. inches

"And? very well

"And I desire to feel your current finger go directly into me. "

"Sure? inch

"Yes. Although gently. "

"Don't worry. I'll make sure you love it. "

His hands slipped down between my cheeks and am felt a fingertip touch me right now there. Sensitive. Sensual.

Pushed against me.

We lay still. My personal ass slightly lifted from the cargo area.

Pressing his fingertip into my bum.

It felt big. Merely a tip. Big during my ass. Felt delicious. I lifted my ass more. Inviting him.

"Like this? "

"Yes. inches

"Do you want more? inches

"Yes. Yes. inch

He pushed his / her finger deeper straight into me. His various other fingers folded over were separating the particular cheeks of the ass as he penetrated me towards the 2nd knuckle.

"Still such as it? "

"Yes. "

"I'm gonna give you more pleasure then... "

Started moving their finger in in addition to out of my personal ass. Lying straight down alongside my nude body. His hand inside my ass. The finger inside me personally. Gently moving in and out. Fingerfucking my ass. His mouth inside my headsets.


"You just like this. You never knew before, do you? "

My personal face turned apart. Hiding my disgrace.

"Yes, I mean no. After all indeed I like this, no, I in no way knew"

"would you like to try more? inch

I did. My partner and i wanted more, nevertheless I didn't need to say so.

Instead I merely said "Go slower... "

He progressively withdrew his ring finger. Made me feeling some sort of desperate desire intended for him to put this back.

Then the pressure on my personal anus returned. Simply, when I felt him penetrating myself again, it stretched my ass more.

So big. Stretching out.

"Relax. It's a little bit more. Relax. Have fun with this. I won't injure you. Enjoy this. "

He constrained inside me. Two fingers. Deeper when compared to the way before. Almost to the third knuckle.

Whispering into my ear...

"You love this. You like having something in the ass. inches

Looking at face your pet...

"Yes. It can feel so good. inch

I moved my personal ass to satisfy his hand since he continued to move his fingers in and out and about of me.

They locked me throughout his gaze. A third joined the a couple of fingers already inside me.

Staring directly into his eyes as he fucked my ass together with his fingers.

"More? inch

"is there more? inch

"I think an individual want more. inch

We both understood what he meant. And am knew We wanted it.

The hard cock was initially rubbing against my personal hip. I shifted my hand and even took him inside my grasp.

"You need my cock. inches

"I'm not gay. "

"I understand. It's OK. Really cool. You're certainly not gay. But you want my cock, don't you? inches


"Tell me"

"I want your current cock. "

"Where? "

His fingers slipped out involving my ass. Departing me feeling empty. Teased the beginning. Tickling.

"Ohhh throughout my ass. I want your cock in my bum. I would like you in order to fuck me. very well

He climbed back again on top regarding me. Rested his cock against typically the crack of the ass all over again. Humped his body in opposition to mine.

I squirmed under your pet

Bringing up my ass. Trying to catch their penis against my personal anus. Desperate at this point. Desperate to really feel his cock enter into me.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. End teasing. I desire it. I want it inside me. Fuck me. Please. "

He moved and even grasped the base of his tool and aimed it at my very little hole. Rested this against my beginning.

I lifted personally. Felt the mind of his magicstick clear my butt.

"Like that?. inch

"Yes yes, like that. Input it within me. Fuck myself. "

Moving the ass returning to try and engulf his cock.

He pressed himself deeper into me

Much further than his fingers.

Leaned down. Inhaling on my neck. Solid hands curled upward under my shoulders, pulling me upon his cock.

Pushing deeper. Grunting because he thrust directly into me.

"Yes. Indeed fuck me. "

Feeling his excess weight squash the beef of my rear as he terrain his cock since deep as he could.

"Lovely magicstick. Inside my ass. Bone me! Fuck me personally! "

He moved back and withdrew. And then down into me once more. Again and again, fucking my ass.

I bounced on the bed, meeting eachother his pounding penis.

Frenzied with typically the sensations. Feeling loaded. Fulfilled.

"More! Even more! "

"Faster! inches

He went quicker. Breathing heavily.

Hot breath within the nape of my the neck and throat.

Pounding, pounding, towards my ass.

Stretches, slipping, sliding in and out.

I matched his flow, raising myself in order to meet him. Becoming hammered by his strong thrusts.

Then I felt personally reaching orgasm.

"I'm going to orgasm. Your cock within my ass... producing me cum. "

Tensing. Tightening our ass throughout the base of his tool.

Shooting my sperm onto the bath towel below me.

"Oh god. So intensive. "

Cumming by his cock inside of me.

"Yes, fairly sweet ass baby. Cum while I bone you. "

Not any hands.

Big ejaculate. I soaked the towel.

Then We felt him push himself deeper plus faster into the little ass.

"Now it's my turn. inch

"Yes. Within me. Cum in my ass. "

I wriggled beneath him. Looking to support him.

Banging in to me Pow, Pow, Pow, Pow, banging his body towards my ass. Ramming his cock in to me. Faster and even faster.

Grunting. Grunting.

"Cumming!! "

Experience him tense. Feeling his cock running so deep straight into me. Feeling the twitches as he chance.

Open ass. Magicstick in deep. Cumming in my bum.

"So sweet... very well he breathed, "sexy boy. You like being fucked".

"I didn't know. "

"Now you know. "

One previous shove.

"Yes! " His body twitched again. Jerking in to me. Squashing my personal butt-cheeks.

He slept on top regarding me as his cock began to shrink. Popped out there and rolled onto his back.

My partner and i felt the ejaculate trickling out of our ass.

My bare ass.

It was typically the start, I knew. I wanted men to be able to have my simple ass again. And soon.