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#REDIRECT [[What the Hell are you agreeing to?]]
== What the Hell Am I Agreeing To ==
<strong> Because what you don't know can hurt you, and what you don't understand can do worse. </strong>
== I know you did it ==
You were on your phone, about to play a game, or sitting in the store. You had your reasons. The screen was small and the print was smaller. It scrolled across 14 different screens or maybe it was across 14 pages. The point isn't the excuse. The point is you hit it. You hit I agree.
You lost certain rights and protections that you didn't even know you had. What's more, you can't raise the issue of moving to a better service because you don't even know it's an issue you could negotiate on. And really you can't. But we can. This site is dedicated to understanding the nature of the agreements we have made and to create a community that will move to and adopt better terms where we can find them. But first will help you understand the most basic question.
<span style="font-size:300%">What the Hell Am I Agreeing to?</span>

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