Learn about the Different Sources of Massage

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Latin massa is a reference to mass, touch or rub. It is often used today as a general term to describe a range of bodywork and treatments that involve touch. The history of massage reveals however that massage originated within Ancient Greece. Massage is one of the many branches taught in China, Japan Tibet India, India, and Italy in the present. Even so, many people from the West aren't even aware of it , preferring to stick to their daily routine of exercising, diet and medications.

The most known information about the original source of massage is that it was a treatment method that was widespread in ancient times in Egypt, Greece and Italy. Its popularity waned during the Middle Ages, when doctors began to use the new techniques for healing made along the same lines that massage therapy follows. The wheel was one of the medical breakthroughs. It was designed to massage the entire body with constant pressure over a large surface with high speed. Massage was performed with short, quick movements, and would then be repeated as required. This method was dangerous and very painful, therefore it was abandoned.

Apelles of Mycenae is an Egyptian Sage who lived in the 12th century was taught the traditional medicine. The technique of plaster Castor oil was created by Apelles and was used to provide skin massage. He invented the plaster-on collagen method later. This was the basis of the majority of information about massage that has been created up until the 12th century. Archimedes was another important person who brought massage to Greece. Archimedes was educated in the fields of medicine and astrology and became highly skilled in treating diseases with simple instruments. 안양출장마사지 This included oil and lotions that could help reduce inflammation and pain.

At the 2200 BC mark, Greece was a significant masseuse's center in Asia Minor. Hippocrates was the catalyst for its development. Hippocrates was the founder of medicine, was famous for his Hippocratic philosophy. The Hippocratic philosophy believed that the body was able to heal itself. Hippocrates believed that illness was result of an imbalance in the "life-force" of the body. He devised massage therapy to relieve these signs and to promote the body to heal.

There are many types of massage that can be employed today. Some of them include: Swedish massage, shiatsu reflexology, and acupressure. Each one has its own purpose and can be used in a particular way.

Swedish massage is the process of gently moving your body using the hands of the massage therapist. The strokes are short and there is much touching to the body by fingers and palms. Massage is soothing, relaxing and can relieve stress off the body, as well as knots in the connective tissue and muscles.

Shiatsu Massage is yet another type of massage which was created in Asia and that is focused on acupressure points. This technique employs movements that manipulate and apply pressure to focus on various pressure points. Contrary to Swedish massage, Shiatsu does not just employ fingers and palms as well as elbows, knees and even the feet. Shiatsu massage has been used throughout Asia for a long time and includes Japan, China and Korea.

A very popular kinds of massages that are practiced in the present are Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massage is a tradition that originates in India and its roots go back to the ancient times. Ayurvedic is a traditional form of medicine that stems from the ancient Indian Hindu doctrines. Ayurvedic massage practices are utilized at many holistic and health clinics across the globe due to this.