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Failure to follow the rules can result in a ban. Getting bans dismissed require time and/or essays. Let's not go down this road.



Edits are to be assumed in good faith. If there is a disagreement in content please poll all contributors and apply edits based on majority. Gross errors that distort the meaning can be appealed to higher level users if contract is a high-user contract. Bureaucrats words are final unless appealed by another within their class.

Insults/ Foul language

Pages should be professional and without profanity. Provided it's not already in the business name.

Insults to other users will result in a temporary suspension to last 24 hours.

Insults that focus on gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, or are deemed particularly vile will result in permanent ban. Ban will only be removed upon apology and assigned essay. Encouraging self-harm results in automatic deletion lifetime IP ban.


No solicitation of products. Contracts should be evaluated for the terms given to the user.