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The following are common questions about the mission statement of the site, rules of use, structure of governance, appeals process, and technical questions.


Why did you create this site?

Primarily because of private arbitration. Laws passed in congress allowed for agreements to shift the ability of people to address legal matters from a court that we control to one that is increasingly opaque. One can argue the pro's and con's of this, I dedicated a page to that, but by and large it favors the defender. Arbiters are not required to explain the process that they arrived at a judgement and have no real legal body instituting a standard. Their judgements are also final and not up for review. Hearsay and other normally inadmissible forms of evidence are sometimes legal and selection of an arbiter itself is a difficult process that can determine the judgement. An elderly nun has been raped with impunity in a nursing home, businesses engage in penny and dime antics that are not worth the legal expense to challenge on an individual level, tech businesses attempt to limit the use of their products to people who buy them. Our court system has flaws that should be corrected and modified as we are able. Allowing for a shadow process to dictate individual whims to communities without their feedback should be met with a penalty. We should encourage people to support producers and inventors that work with communities to create a transparent market place.

I disagree with you posting/your explanation of my contract to your website

This site is a community tool for discussion and inquiry. In essence a room full of lay people who are having conversations about what we think might be best. All material should fall under fair use. As for the second half, a wiki is not under my express control. I do not have the time nor ability to review all possible material that can be submitted. At this time, I will attempt to review all possible additions especially if you bring my attention to them. It should be noted that if you have conditions that benefit you at the expense of your customers, they will view that unfavorably. If your contract is being misunderstood maybe it is not written in a clear and concise manner that can be understood by the average individual. Business should benefit everyone involved. It should not be about how to trick or hold your customer over terms.

Your website doesn't explain the full nuance of the contract. How do we correct that?

Imagine a room full of people that have decided to meet to better understand something that is important to them. The goal of this meeting is to find out what questions they have not asked about the contracts they have agreed to for services they depend on. This is not a university or a conference with expert opinions. This is a public advocacy meeting. This site is providing the room. If you find your contract is misunderstood, then you should perhaps meet with your customers as much as your lawyers and draft a document that both empowers your consumer and allows you to shed unreasonable legal liability.

I'll sue

That's not a question. That's a statement. It will be funny though.