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If the Sire wakes up whilst you’re still killing the respiratory system, re-cast ‘Shadow Barrage’ to put him again to sleep. Be conscious that the Sire will follow up the explosion with three more poisonous fume assaults; after that, it's going to occasionally ship one fume at a time . Keep attacking the Sire, going under and behind it so the summoned scions will take slightly longer to reach you. Players with a dragon or crystal halberd can use the particular to shortly kill the Sire before the summoned spawns flip into scions. During this section, all six tentacles within the chamber will be disabled, so they are going to be unable to wreck the player during this part of the struggle.
Once the Sire reaches 139 Hitpoints or decrease, stage two of this phase begins. Hit the Sire once initially with your blowpipe on "Long Range" (change to "Rapid" quickly) and disorient it with your shadow spell. Stand on any spot alongside this vein as you await the Sire to start out Phase 2. Magic is just used to provoke the battle and for taking down the respiratory techniques.

  • The Sire will leave its resting place and will attack the player with Melee.

  • Now you need to do as much damage as possible while avoiding the poison puddles that the Sire will spawn at your feet.

  • If health falls low, run south of the Sire and forged blood spells on the scions or let them die off earlier than working again to assault it once more.

  • Dak proper right here from TheEdB0ys and welcome to my OSRS Abyssal Sire Information!

This is why the dragon Warhammer is imperative –the particular attack reduces defense by 30% if it hits, it could hit a one or a 70, doesn’t matter as long as it hits. This may be compounded with a second attack, but it'll solely reduce the protection by 30% of the present defense level. The first option is just north of edgeville through the zamorak mage who teleports you to the abyss. The problem with this methodology is that it'll put a cranium on you, which is not good while combating the abyssal sire.
Once it is killed, awaken it again, then either disable two or all four respiratory techniques. When either one is achieved, teleport back to your own home with Teleport to deal with tabs, drink from your Ornate rejuvenation pool, then use the fairy ring to return to the Abyss. If you don't have both features, head to world 330 (the official player-owned-houses world) and enter a number's house to use each features. It's recommended to have your house set to Rimmington as that is where most hosts reside. Once the Sire is broken to below half Hitpoints, Phase 3 will start.
Up to 14 spawns will appear afterwards, appearing beneath the Sire or dropping around the player's location. The toxic fumes could be easily prevented by transferring backwards and forwards. Select two tiles that are within melee vary (ensure they're out of the reach of the tentacles), attacking the Sire in a 1-2 format.
As quickly because the Sire reaches 139 Hitpoints or lower, the next attack the player does will teleport the player south of the Sire. The Sire will explode two ticks after teleporting the player, dealing large damage when you don't transfer away in time. It can be simply avoided by running at least two tiles away from it.

The second part depends on combating the abyssal sire on melee kind. During Phase 2 you should use the protect from melee prayer and utilise your special assaults. Learn more about [1] here. Now you need to do as much damage as potential whereas avoiding the poison puddles that the Sire will spawn at your feet.